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All about Cheetah!

Did you ever hear or see a cheetah? Today I will tell you all about cheetahs.

Cheetahs are from the cat family. If you ever see it will have gold and yellow mixed for the fur with black spots. Cheetah cubs only ‘’purr’’ but cheetah elders ‘’roar’’. Cheetahs live in Savannas, cheetah cubs also live with their mom for some time and then they leave their mom. Cheetah moms sneak up on their prey. The cheetah cubs watch all her slow and quiet moves, then the cheetah mom pounces on their prey! Usually, cheetahs eat gazelles, wildebeest, and impala. Cheetah moms have a special sound that can communicate with the cubs from a limited distance.

The cheetah is my favorite animal because it is the fastest animal that runs on land. The great cheetah can run to the amazing speeds of,75 mph to 120 kph but it can only keep up this speed for 500 meters. The way cheetahs can run this fast is because it has a long but light weighing body. When cheetahs run their front feet push their body forward and their back legs push forward too. People hunt cheetahs and use cheetah’s skin for coats. Cheetahs are very endangered they are close to extinct because of hunting. Only 7,000 or less cheetahs are left in the entire world.


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