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All about LEGOs!

I am pretty sure you’ve heard of legos, maybe you even played with them, but did you ever think who made them or how it was made. There was a wood carpenter named Ole Kirk Kristiansen. He was a skilled and hard-working man. Ole made a toy one day for his four kids, his kids liked it so much Ole thought he should start making toys. Ole started to make nice, good quality toys. A man with a lot of money came he saw the toys and he loved them he said he would buy the toys. The man with money had no more money in his bank and Ole could not sell the toys for food or money to save for the Winter. Ole had an idea he did not have to ship toys to people instead he could just go around town and sell. He was a good woodcarver but not a good salesman. At first, he struggled to sell but then he was able to sell his toys. He did not get enough money but he got enough food for the Winter. Ole wanted a short but good name for his company, in danish ‘’playing well’’ is called ‘’leg godt (lie got)’’.Ole wanted it to be a short name so he named it LEGO.

In 1942 his workshop got on fire! He built his workshop at another place. His company improved. He went to Copenhagen to look at a machine that arrived from Denmark. He bought the machine. He started to make bricks that cannot attach but bricks you can pile up. One day Ole’s grandson was building with the bricks but his creation fell down his dad thought they must make better quality toys. Ole’s son figured out if the top of the bricks had pegs and the bottom of the brick was hollow it will be better. The name of the bricks became LEGOs.This is the story of LEGOs. This is the story of the amazing and fun story of LEGOs!

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