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  • Saahithi Madhuvarsu

Chickoo the Chicken (2018)

There was once a chicken named Chikoo. Chikoo was a very ambitious loving and caring chick. Chikoo had a little sister named Chiccarella. Chiccarella was a very loving chicken too. Chikoo loved Chiccarella very much. He and Chiccarella always played every day after Chikoo came from school. One day they had a play date with his friends. Let’s play superhero said Chikoo , OK said his friend Bobmac Chick.What kind of superhero do you want to be asked Bobmac Chick.I want to be a superhero that saves people from dragons and all types of evil villain said Chikoo. Bobmac Chick said I want to be the side kick of superhero. Chick Simon can be the evil Dragon and Chiccarella can be the little chicken who gets captured by the evil Dragon said Chick Bob and so they all played superheroes for a very long time. After they played Chikoo said well I like playing pretend superheroes but now I feel like being a real superhero. But that’s never going to happen said Bobmac Chick, to be a real superhero you need a cape, a motorcycle,a cool name and superpowers but we never will have those. Chikoo was very disappointed when he heard that he can never be a real superhero. He started trying to get all the cool elements and stopped playing with Chiccarella. Chiccarella was really sad because Chickoo was not playing with her anymore and was only thinking about getting all the cool element to be a superhero.All this time Fanny the fox was keeping a good eye on all the actions that Chikoo and Chiccarella were doing. When he learned that Chikoo is not playing with Chiccarella anymore or taking care of her Fanny found out that this was a perfect time for catching and eating Chiccarella.

One day while Chiccarella was playing outside in the meadows all by her self while Chikoo was inside the chicken hut Working on completing his cape, Fanny the fox was ready to implement his plan. He was very smart and made a fake butterfly out of flowers and threw it up in the air.Chiccarella was lured by the fake butterfly and followed it into the woods. Fanny the fox was behind a tree and when Chiccarello approach the tree he leapt onto her and captured her in a net. Chiccarella was screaming for help but all went in vain.

It was getting dark and Chikoo realized Chiccarella was not home yet, he went out into the meadows to look for her. When he didnot find her he started to get worried and checked with other friends.

Chikoo and his friends were looking for her together and suddenly Chikoo found a fake butterfly made out of flowers lying on the ground and Chick Simon found some Fox fur near the entrance of the woods. BobMc Chick pointed towards small chicken footprints. All of them realized what happened with Chiccarella and there were all very worried and scared. After thinking for a while Chikoo and his friends came up with a plan to rescue Chiccarella. Chikoo was surprised on how his friends were ready to fight Fanny the Fox and help him save Chiccarella. He was sorry that it was his fault that he was not taking care of Chiccarella and was only trying to become a super hero.

Chick Simon who was the smartest of them all Gathered all the tools and gadgets needed to trap the cunning fox. BobMc Chick who was the strongest of them all was pumping up his muscles to fight the Fox and lead him to the trap. Meanwhile Chikoo was getting ready to free Chiccarella and get her to a safe place.

The trio found Fanny gathering ingredients to make Chicken Soup and decided to implement their plan right at that moment.

Chick Simon was ready with his geeky booby trap and BobMc Chick stood right in front of Fanny and started teasing and making fun of him. This made Fanny very mad and he started to attack BobMc Chick. Chikoo was hiding behind a rock and was amazed to see how determined and focused his friends were to save Chiccarella, he started to feel he is around some real super heros. It was now his time to do his part, he quickly tip toed towards Chiccarella and cut open the bamboo cage with a sharp piece of bark. Both of them started running towards their Chicken yard. Chiccarella was happy and surprised thinking how could Chikoo save her all by himself, that was when Chikoo started telling her all about their plan.

In the meanwhile Chik Simon and BobMc Chick captured Fanny and arrived at the Chicken yard too. Chikoo was relieved to see his friends and family safe and thanked his friends for helping him. Chikoo had his moment of triumph and realized he was always surrounded by real heros - his friends and family and it was only because of them he was also a true hero.

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