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  • Saahithi Madhuvarsu

How the Coronavirus affected me

The recent outbreak of COVID-19 didn't only affect patients, it's been affecting me too - indirectly.

In school, there is a program called Leadership that's exclusively for 5th graders, which I'm in. It's really important to me, and at the end of the school year, all Leadership students get some acknowledgments. Unfortunately, the school has been closed to stop the spread of the virus, so, you know how that ends. No acknowledgments.

5th grade is the last year of elementary school and in my school, we have special field trips, parties, and assemblies. But since school is closed, we don't get to go anywhere and say our good-byes' to elementary school.

The last field trip and the most exciting one (it has a pool that we were allowed to swim in!) was on my birthday. But now because of the coronavirus, school is closed, and we can't go to any field trips. Also, the school is closed for the ENTIRE rest of the year, so my birthday party will only be a giant Zoom meeting. :(

Since we can't go to school, we need to learn online. We are using Google Classroom, Google Meet, and many websites. This is bad because we are sitting in front of the screen for too long, and that can lead to some other health problems.

Going out and meeting people is risky because we shouldn't come into contact with too many people. Now, we can't socialize. Yes, we can always Facetime each other, but we are already in front of the screen too much. And this isn't good, because being able to get along with others is an essential skill you should have.

One of the biggest problems is the internet. Since offices are closed, everyone is working from home. This means everyone is using the internet at the same time, so the connection is really bad. I was kicked out of various meets with friends, and the school meets because of a weak network connection.

I brought a lot of my special pens, pencils, and other important things to school, so I could actually use them. Sadly, I never got to get them home, as school was closed which is really disappointing.

We have encountered many viruses, such as the Swine flu, the Spanish flu, and Ebola and they have all passed. I hope that the Coronavirus will eventually end too.

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