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  • Saahithi Madhuvarsu

Is Mt.Kailash an Alien Base? (Mar 20 2020)

Is Mt. Kailash, the mountain which is considered to be the abode of the Hindu gods Shiva and Parvati, an alien base? Is it just a coincidence that it is at the center of the earth, and nobody has been able to climb it? Are people just seeing things, or have UFOs entered Mt. Kailash to meet their supernatural friends? Let's explore!!

There have been multiple sightings of UFOs circulating the mountain and then entering at ground level. Some people also claim that they saw a portal opening up in the mountain and some mysterious object/light entering the portal. Were these UFOs?? And where were they going? Some doctors say that the mountain is a temple. This ‘temple’ could be an ALIEN BASE!! And how was it built? Researchers say that the mountain was made by aliens for these reasons:

  • The religious mountain is exactly at the center of the earth! It is said to be the gateway between earth and heaven.

  • The 4 sides of this mountain are said to point exactly to the cardinal directions(north, south, east, and west)!! The UFOs could be using this attribute to find the mountain and enter the hidden base.

  • The snow on the mountain created the shape of 'Om', a Sanskrit word. It is said that whoever built the mountain sculpted the mountain so that the snow would fall into the shape of the 'Om' symbol.

Take a moment to think about this. Do YOU think Mt.Kailash is an alien base, or simply the humble abode of Hindu gods?

Share your response in the comments below!!

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