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  • Saahithi Madhuvarsu

Making Friends with Aliens (2016)

Once upon a time, there was an astronaut who loved to explore space. The little astronaut’s name was Allie. Allie always wanted to meet an alien! And that's why she is a space explorer! One day when Allie was on a planet exploring, she heard a strange noise. She went closer to the noise to see what it was, and finally when the noise stopped, Allie looked around. Suddenly from behind a rock jumped out an alien!! Allie was so happy to see an alien! Allie slowly introduced herself, then the alien said that his name was Loopy. The alien was very worried because some people from earth did not believe in aliens and if they saw one they would kill them. First Allie needed to know which planet they were in, Loopy answered “Runken”. Then Allie thought of bringing Loopy to a different galaxy which no one knew but her. She asked Loopy if it was OK. Loopy said it is OK. Then Allie set her GPS and they set off to a new galaxy. Then Allie helped search for a good planet for Loopy to live in. Then Loopy found a good spot. Allie scanned the planet and then she told Loopy that the planet was not safe to live in. Then Loopy choose another planet and then when Allie scanned the planet her scanner told her that it was safe to live in!! Allie dropped Loopy to the planet and then promised Loopy to come to the planet every day. One day when Loopy was going around the weird planet Loopy found a big bad monster trying to throw rocks at some other aliens. Loopy called Allie for help and together they defeated the monster and made friends with the other aliens. Loopy and Allie realized that with friends anything can be possible!

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