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  • Suresh Madhuvarsu

The Amazing HANUMAN (Mar 19 2020)

In Indian culture there is a god named Hanuman. Hanuman unlike most Indian gods is a monkey and his favorite thing to eat is bananas. If he eats them he feels stronger and more energetic.

If you have seen the movie LORD OF THE RINGS one guy named Gollum was the bad guy. When me and my dad did meditation my dad told me to only think of Hanuman. I thought of Hanuman battling a billions of Gollums. Hanuman did not have any kind of weapons and still was able to beat the Gollums.

Hanuman asked “Do you Gollums want to have breath or death” the Gollums answered “DEATH” foolishly after seeing him fight they still thought he was not that strong. So Hanuman took a banana from his cloths and then he felt stronger and more energetic. He took his hand in the air and punched the earth the earth rumbled. All the Gollums flew a trillions of miles away from him when they landed on rocks, it was a rough landing. All the Gollums where left with bruises, scrapes, and big marks of blood.

Hanuman the savior of the day!


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