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The Sleep Story

Once there was a family named the Sleep family. They were from Sleep Land.The Sleep family had 5 members:Little Billy, Mom, Dad, Grandma, and Grandpa. They would all write how it will be to sleep, all night. It was their family culture and it is disrespectful to sleep.One night Little Billy went on his bed he was putting his blanket on when his Dad saw him! He shouted “Little Billy what are you doing!!!” Little Billy mumbling scared said”Umm” before Little Billy could say anything Dad said “I’m pretty sure you’re trying to sleep, so you’re grounded!!!”. Little Billy was scared he got alarmed to NEVER sleep.A few weeks later Little Billy thought about sleeping  again. This time he was able to put his blanket on but he was closing his eyes but his mom saw him.His mom screamed “What are you doing?!” Little Billy answered “Umm” but his mom already said “You’re trying to sleep right!? Little Billy said muttering “Well umm umm well” His mom screamed “You’re grounded for a month!”. So after a month Little Billy thought “Twice I got in trouble so now I should explain my thinking to my family.” That night he told his family about sleeping. His family thought about it and agreed thinking  then he will know how it will be to sleep.He was exited and happy he ran up to his bed. When he slept he felt that was the best night ever. In the morning he ran to get a paper.He wrote that it was amazing to sleep you can relax and think whatever you want. He learned it was better to have the experience to sleep and to write the correct things than writing about things without experiencing them.Sleeping was the best and ever since then the Sleep family always slept!

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