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Ukraine vs. Russia---> Putin’s War

As many of us know right now there is a war going on between Ukraine and Russia, but why? Ukraine was letting Russia borrow land so the oil pipelines could deliver oil and everything was going fine. How come all of a sudden there is a war?


  • In the year of 2014 Ukraine gave up all of its nuclear power to Russia.

  • Ukraine is now weaker because its nuclear power lies in the hands of Russia.

  • Ukraine will be easily, outnumbered, outmanned, and outgunned.

  • In 2014 after months of protesting, Viktor Vanukovych got voted out of his role of president because he was pro-Russian.


  • Putin always said he would never hurt his neighbor, Ukraine, but now Vladimir Putin is attacking Ukraine from the north, south, and east.

  • In 2014 when Viktor Vanukovych got removed as president Putin started to accuse Ukraine for removing Viktor as president.

  • After Viktor was gone Putin started to get concerned and began sending troops around Ukraine.

  • Russian troops took over Crimea and 95% percent of Crimea wanted to be part of Russia.

  • Crimea declared themselves independent of Ukraine but, internationally Crimea wasn’t allowed to become independent.

  • This raised Putin’s concern that Ukraine will get more support from the West and he thought that Ukrainians would become extremists.

  • In late 2021 Putin began to deploy troops to go to the borders of Ukraine, and claimed that he will not attack.

  • He also claimed that he wants to de-Nazify Ukraine.

  • Putin started to accuse the U.S. because the U.S. was supporting Ukraine to join Nato.

  • Putin claimed that he wants to aid the people who were “suffering” from genocide, bullying, and captivity from Ukraine since 2014 and any country who would help Ukraine will have “consequences nothing like they’ve ever seen before”.

  • On February 24, Putin stated that his country could not “stay safe” with what he announced as a constant threat from present Ukraine.

  • Putin claims that Ukraine is traditionally a part of Russia and wants to take Ukraine back.

  • This is a war Russia’s population was not ready for.

Word’s Reaction:

  • This is the first time Europe’s neighbor is getting invaded since World War 2.

  • There are up to five million refugees.

  • Poland, Moldova, Romania, Slovakia and Hungary are all braced for arrivals.

  • NATO's defense alliances have made it clear to Ukraine that they will be sending no troops, but NATO is sending weapons, advisers, and field hospitals.

  • The U.S. and other countries made many other sanctions against Russia.

  • The EU commission declared that they are blocking Russian banks and this will disconnect any international, financial transactions. They also froze the Russia Central Bank.

  • A sanction is a penalty a country can make against another country to disable or harm them.

  • Putin embarked on a path aiming to destroy Ukraine but what he is doing in turn is destroying his own country.

The world is naming this war

“P U T I N ‘ S W A R”

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Russia is a terrorist state for killing civilians, capturing the territories and lying in the web, tv & radio.😡

This is not only Putin's war, a lot of russians volunteerely going to Ukraine to kill poeople, destroy and capture. It's not only Putin. If the world will not help to stop Putin, than Iran, North Korea, China will see that Europe and U.S are weak and they will start WW3 with nuclear weapon.

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