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Meet the Team

Get to know the people behind Busy Buzzy Bots!




Hi! I’m Saahithi. I’m currently in middle school and I’m extremely passionate about coding and robotics. My first interaction with coding was when I worked with the drag-and-drop coding language scratch. I fell in love with how creative you can be with coding, and how it’s a way of expressing yourself! After creating several projects in Scratch, I tried playing with EV3, which is a robot that you can control through drag-and-drop coding. Later on, I created a couple mobile apps using MIT App Inventor, and then started Python, the first time I actually typed out commands. I spent lots of time in Python, and created 100+ projects with it. I’m currently exploring Thunkable, an easy drag-and-drop platform to build, design, and upload apps onto the App Store and the Play Store. We currently have a few apps on the App Store and Play Store, and a lot more apps waiting to be published. Being part of Busy Buzzy Bots is an amazing experience, and I’m looking forward to all the fun projects we will be doing in the future!



Hey, I’m Niyati - a current high schooler and art enthusiast. I’ve been passionate about all things design for as long as I can remember. My goal is to explore creativity and its applications. Working with Busy Buzzy Bots has been an amazing experience so far and their cause of education aligns with my values.


Coder & Builder

Hello, my name is Saaketh. I am a 9-year-old and a 4th grader who loves programming. I started to code in 2017 in my kindergarten when I was 5 years old. I program apps, games, and animations. My sister and I also connect my LEGOs with DC motors and build cars, windmills, and merry-go-rounds. I love programming because you can go through many levels of expertise and you can explore and learn so many things. It is fun to make games or apps and keep playing it for yourself, it is even fun for other people to download and play. I want to make lots of apps and make a hard game to code in my programming career.

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