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Busy Buzzy Bots developed a variety of apps for organizations, non-profits, and for your personal use! Check out our App Store page & Google Play page.


Panchamukha Hanuman Temple

This app is your all-in-one app for experiencing the spirituality of your Panchamukha Hanuman Temple. Explore daily services, stay updated on monthly events, volunteer opportunities, and access teachings to enhance your spiritual journey. Join our vibrant community and embrace the wisdom of ancient traditions. Download the app now to connect with the divine and enrich your spiritual life.


Sri Ram Hospital

Sri Ram Hospital is a team of dedicated doctors working towards women and child health care. With experienced Gynecologists, General Surgeons, and Pediatricians from the same family, we provide our help to everyone who needs it. With this app, you can easily request appointments with your doctor, and look back at your appointments. Being very simple with a direct purpose, this app is an easy way for you to efficiently prioritize your health.


Happy 2023

With the new year comes a new release from our team. This app incorporates Chinese culture in our game, which includes strategy and precision to catch the fireworks and avoid the 2022s. Watch out!



Product10x is a startup co-creator.We focus on three key phases of the startup process – launching, accelerating, and scaling. With our team’s expert experience in startups, everything from launching your startup, honing in on scale strategy, building team culture and partnerships will be dealt with at the right time. This app provides the Product10x partners with the right information about the portfolio companies right at the finger tips anytime and anywhere.



We want to make this world a better place by providing positive thoughts, habits and entertainment to everyone. We all had those times when we want to do something but don't know what? We needed ideas, inspiration or some jokes to entertain yourself. "I-Am-Bored" exactly helps you to have positive thoughts, happy mood and everlasting fun.



Math-O-Mania is a fun way to challenge yourself and get better by the minute. Learning through fun and encouragement is the best way to learn, and through our app you can consistently practice your math basics!


State It Right

Learn the various capitals of the US States with a click of a button in a fun quiz environment! You will see a state with 4 capitals to choose from, if you make a wrong choice, the game will prompt you to pick the correct one. If you make the correct choice, the game will let you move on to the next state. enjoy this game and learn all the capitals of the US!


Talko Translator

Translate to whichever language you want from our app, Talko Translator. An app that runs with or without internet, this is super useful for quick access to translations. 

tap the ghost.webp

Tap the Ghost

It's nighttime, and the ghosts have arrived. They are swarming around and creating havoc! Tap the Ghost to shoo them away, and earn more points to win. Good Luck!

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Her Flo

Built by a teen, for a teen. Her Flo is the easiest way to track your period, symptoms, and take a look at previous data. Stay healthy anytime, anywhere. Small details are very important for your health, and giving the right information can prevent problems in your periods from becoming worse. Her Flo will help you exactly with that. Using our app, users can log their periods, and enter information such as their period date, flow amount, symptoms, and additional notes. The user can also take a look at previous symptoms that they logged, and check for anything unusual or odd in their periods. Her Flo helps women of all ages, especially pre-teens and teens monitor their periods and stay healthy. So next time your doctor asks these questions, you can give them a confident and reliable answer just by checking the previous data you entered.


Flag It Right

An easy fun way to learn the flags of countries Learn the various flags of the countries with a click of a button in a fun quiz environment. You will see a flag with 4 countries to choose from, if you make a wrong choice, the game will prompt you to pick the correct one. If you make the correct choice, the game will let you move on to the next flag. Enjoy this game and learn all the 232 flags!


Anu's Biryani

Order delicious biryani online and have your meal ready the second you arrive! Are you tired of waiting in front of a food stand for 20 minutes to get your food? Done standing in the heat, hungry? Our app solves your problems. With a few clicks of your finger, you can add all the food you want to your cart, enter some information, and your food will start to be prepared. By the time you reach our food stand, your food will be standing in front of you, ready to eat!


Hungry Momo

Hi there! My name is Momo. I am really hungry today, can you help me collect food? Help Hungry Momo collect tasty bananas by moving left or right to catch them! You will have a limited time which will be enough to catch the yummy bananas and if Momo has enough bananas he will be happy! If his tummy isn't satisfied then you will have to retry.


Cosmic ASMR

Cosmic ASMR helps you deal with stress. Through the experience of 6 relaxing mini games, you can calm your mind, and let go of all anxiety. As you play each of the mini games, you will notice that they each have unique activities. You will experience relaxing vibrations and calming music to ease the mind. Doing activities like this helps you let go of stress and calm yourself and your mind.

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