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All About Anacondas!

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

Hello everybody. What is the longest and fattest snake you’ve ever seen? Do you know a type of snake that can eat things from the size of a rabbit to a cow?! Stunningly there is!!! There is a type of snake called ‘’Anaconda’’. The Anaconda is commonly called “Green Anaconda”.

Anacondas live in Trinidad and tropical South America, east of the Andes, south to Bolivia and northern Paraguay. Anacondas live in water but they can still go on land. It's only that Anacondas are slow on land and fast in the water, so they prefer to go on the water. They live in sources of water such as rivers, swamps, marshes, and slow-moving streams.

The longest anaconda length was 28 feet long and it's waist’s size was 44 inches and the average Anaconda length is 17 feet! The heaviest Anaconda was 550 pounds! Hmm…The heaviest Anaconda was 550 pounds I wonder how? Maybe because of the food that it eats! Let's see what all things an Anaconda eats, :Anacondas eat pigs, deer, caiman (a type of crocodilian), birds, fish, rodents (like the capybara and agouti), and other animals.

After eating a large animal, it needs no food for a long time and rests for weeks. They eat up to 40 pounds of food per day. I always wondered how Anacondas eat these big animals at once. The process is the Anaconda wraps its prey, squeezes its prey so hard that the prey's bones become like powder, then eats the prey!!!!! The Anaconda’s mouth can open 3 times more than its head, and its mouth can open 150 degrees wide. It's brutal but it's the truth. Now that we know how Anacondas fit the food in their mouth, let's see how they digest. Anacondas digest their food with strong acids in their body and the food gets digested.

Now that we know where Anaconda's live, how huge they are, what do they eat, and how do they digest their food, let's see if Anaconda's have babies. What do you think? Do think they lay eggs like other snakes or are they special? Yes! They are special, Anacondas do not lay eggs but they do give birth to baby snakes. The snakes are born alive like us humans.

With such cool and amazing features, Anacondas are most probably in danger. Due to its size, Anacondas are hunted and poached for its valuable skin, which is used to make purses, boots, belts, and other leather-bound objects. Locals and natives also fear the Anaconda and regularly kill the snake to protect livestock or out of fear, although reports of Anacondas attacking humans are rare.

I hope you learned new facts about Anacondas, if you have any more things you know about Anacondas please comment.

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