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Our Morgan Hill Childrens Business Fair Experience

Updated: Mar 18

Our Morgan Hill CBF Experience

With a mission of helping 10,000 children by 2030, 1 child at a time, Busy Buzzy Bots is an organization that loves coding/robotics and spreading STEM education. We knew we could get closer to this goal by participating in events. When our team realized there were events like the Morgan Hill CBF we were inspired to share our STEM knowledge with children, through DC Motor Kits.

Busy Buzzy Bots | Helping 10,000 children by 2030
We are at the MH Children's Business Fair

Today we’ll share with you our thoughts and experiences at the Morgan Hill Children’s Business Fair. When we participated in the fair, we had many key takeaways.

First, we’ll start off with our experience. Naturally we were nervous as the Morgan Hill CBF was one of our first entrepreneurial fairs. When we started to set everything up, people were curious about who we were and what we were doing. It was fun to talk with everyone and tell them how our kits help them learn the basics of robotics, how a DC Motor works, how a circuit works, etc. Just being in that busy environment with hundreds of people walking around, having fun, and being entrepreneurs was great.

Busy Buzzy Bots | Helping 10,000 children by 2030
We at our booth with our DC Motor Kits

This fair taught us the importance of communication skills. When people came up to our booth we loved engaging with them. It was great talking to them about the DC motors and its daily benefits. We explained about why they should learn about robotics and buy our kits. The benefits of each kit would be that it was fun, it taught you STEM, and it would help children in need. We enjoyed giving each customer a quality demo of our products and mission. Learning how to communicate with each customer was probably our most important lesson learned. 

Busy Buzzy Bots | Helping 10,000 children by 2030
At the award ceremony with other entrepreneurs

The organizers at the Morgan Hill CBF were great. A big kudos to their extraordinarily consistent marketing, which brought so many people to the fair. They put in a lot of effort to make our experiences memorable. They accommodated our request for a shady spot and found a great spot under a tree. The fair allowed us to meet many other entrepreneurs which let us learn about their experiences/businesses. They also organized prizes which helped add to our encouragement and motivation. The prizes were given out to people with the best idea, best marketing, etc. We appreciate the way the judges took the time to go from booth to booth to gather enough information as needed to make a fair choice. 

Busy Buzzy Bots | Helping 10,000 children by 2030
The BBB Team with their inventory

At the end of the fair, we felt very humbled and proud to be recognized for our hard work and innovation. We were awarded 1st place prize for "Most Original Business Idea". When we look back, the experience of setting up the booth, engaging with people, selling the kits, learning to influence, doing event marketing and finally learning fromOu fellow entrepreneurs.

Busy Buzzy Bots | Helping 10,000 children by 2030
We were awarded 1st prize for the innovation

For anyone looking for advice:

  • Before the fair make sure to market/share about yourself, and how you are joining the event. This way more people will know what you're doing.

  • Tell everyone you know that you'll be participating in that event.

  • Come prepared with your inventory, and know beforehand how much of each product you are bringing.

  • Make sure you arrive at least 15 minutes early to ensure you have time to set up.

  • Before or after the event visit other booths and entrepreneurs so you know what other people's ideas are. You can also gain some knowledge on how to market or make a sale.

  • When participating in an event be confident.

  • Make sure you are excited when you talk and really engage your customers.

  • Have a little idea on what you're going to talk about with your customers.

If you are trying to learn entrepreneurial skills, including product building, sales, marketing and communication, we would suggest you participate in children's business fair. We are happy to provide any guidance you need and share our experiences. For more information email us at

Lets make a difference together!

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