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All about Lychees (Apr 1 2020)

Did you hear about lychees or touch one. If you tasted a lychee you may think they are very very yummy. The first time I ate a lychee was at the Singapore bird park, I thought it tasted SUPER! With the burning sun and humid weather when the lychee touched my mouth it was so refreshing and cool from that day onward I loved lychees!

Lychees are produced in Southeast Asia and China. In the United States, Florida and Hawaii have more lychee trees. With the lychee fruit, you can try to make many dishes like lychee salads, lychee flavored ice-cream, or lychee juice. My favorite brand of lychee juice is Mogu-Mogu Lychees are good to eat. However, if you eat too much you will get sick. You can grow a lychee from a seed. To grow a lychee tree you must have a lot of patience. A lychee tree needs to first take time to grow, but it will not produce lychees in a few weeks, or months, or years! It will take a long 20 years to get just a few fruits.

In my opinion, I think lychees are amazing! Lychees have the vitamin-c and the vitamin-b complex. If you ever felt a lychee it might feel soft, soothing and squishy. Do you like lychees? Maybe you like the taste and the way it feels or maybe you think right when you take the lychee out of the lychee can ‘It is all watery because of the lychee syrup and when you eat it is squishy.’ (You can tell what you think in the comments)


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