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Lloyd is My Hero

Once upon a time there was a kid named Lloyd who lived in a magical forest. His father Garmadon, was evil and so was Lloyd. Lloyd was friends with bad guys called Serpentine. They travelled to Ninjago city where there were Ninjas. Lloyd and Serpentine set up booby traps for the Ninjas and troubled other people by taking away their stuff.

One day a small kid got stuck in one of Lloyd’s traps and was crying as he got hurt with the sword in the booby trap. When Lloyd saw the kid crying he realized he was not doing the right things by troubling people, so he told one of the serpentine snake that they should be helping other people. But Serpentine said they loved troubling everyone and wanted to be on the bad guys team only and kicked him out of their group and betrayed him.

Lloyd was all alone with no one to help him but since he was on the good side he was very sure that he would stick to his decision and took care of the small kid by healing him with a healing leaf from the magical forest…The boy was happy and said thankyou to Lloyd, this made Lloyd feel very happy and he kept on saving and helping people from Serpentines booby traps.

Lloyd met the Ninjas and explained all that had happened with him and said sorry for all the bad things he did. The Ninjas knew that now Lloyd was very good to people and told him that he can live in the destinies bounty. The head of the Ninjas named Sense Wu helped in training Lloyd and was working hard and focusing on reaching his true potential and finally found the key to unlock his true potential. All the while he was only thinking about saving the people of Ninjago and all the other Ninjas and became the master of Spinjitsu.

Lloyd is my hero because he realized he was not doing the right thing and was brave to oppose all the bad serpentines to save people and be kind to them. Lloyd never thinks about himself and always saves people from the serpentine by working together with good ninjas.

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