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Polluting Oceans (Mar 21 2020)

We need air, water and food to live on this Earth. Having fresh air, good food and clean water is very important for us to have a healthy and pleasant life. Back in the days people had good water, food and air however, in the recent days we are having a lot of pollution everywhere on the Earth.

Every year more and more small Lakes and Rivers are drying up and this is making water plants, fish and other small water creatures die. In Oceans there are many creatures suffering and dying compared to the old days because of pollution.

There are many reasons for water pollution, I think the main reason is people dumping trash in the Oceans. Water creatures eat all the plastic, metal and other junk they die as they will not be able to digest them. When we throw things like straws and other plastic material in the ocean they get stuck in the creature’s nose or eyes. Recently there was a turtle that had a straw stuck in its nose and a rescue team found it and tried to save it. When I saw that video, I felt very very sad as the turtle was closing its eyes because of the pain. We all are responsible for that pain and we don't feel it. Recently there was one Whale that swallowed 80 plastic bags and died and there are many such sea animals.

We have to look within ourselves to try and avoid this torture and suffering we are causing to these creatures. We can achieve this by taking some action. We need to throw trash in the right trash cans. We need to reduce the use of plastic, for example, Starbuck started to use cups that don't need straws at all. We should try to reuse everything as much as we can and reduce using plastic. Look within ourselves and not pollute the oceans at all.

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