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Thank You Mom!

Wife+Effort+Will= Wise and Disciplined child

As most of us know it’s Mother’s Day and you're probably thinking about what to do today for your mom. Well, it may sound weird, but you could start with telling your mom you love her, because she created you, and made you born. When you are born, your mom goes through quite a big struggle to get you out of her womb. Not trying to make you feel guilty, but she bore all those piercing pain of your kicks in her stomach to get you out of her womb. So, don’t waste your life, and that effort of your high spirited mom on doing things that lead you nowhere. There are so many people doing, vandalisms, murders, thefts, and so many other things that lead them nowhere. They waste their mom’s effort, and your own life. Some children take their mom’s kindness, and effort for granted and that’s when the sweet mom’s dark side comes out. They may start to scold you and yell. I know us kids don’t like it when everyone is mad at you, but whether you like it or not they really are just doing what they’re doing for your own good. They don’t want things to be hard for you in life, because not everyone is as nice as your mom. It’s like your mom is your teacher and they are training you for the world. So take today as a day to appreciate your mom.

“I gave you pain when I was in your womb and then a big spark of love from you bloomed.” - Saaketh.M







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